Practical guideline for palliative care

The development of a practical guideline for palliative care at the nursing home „Beim Goldknapp” of the Association Luxembourg Alzheimer (ala)

Since its opening in 2007 the nursing home „Beim Goldknapp”, which offers specialised care and services for people with dementia, has attached great importance to a palliative culture and its own in-house palliative concept. On this account the institution takes part in the pilot project of „Palliative Geriatrics” offered by „Omega 90” in collaboration with Dirk Müller, network expert of the „Kompetenzzentrum Palliative Geriatrie Berlin”. In this project, the nursing home collaborates with eight other Luxembourgish institu¬tions to improve their common measures to further the palliative culture in each participating organisation.
Based on educational contents, analyses, exchanges and common strategies, each institution develops its own project within its multidisciplinary team.

The project group of the nursing home „Beim Goldknapp” has developed a document pointing out the palliative path for people with dementia. This practical guideline includes the main ideas and approaches that have been developed and implemented at the institution in the last 10 years.

The practical guideline of palliative care at the nursing home focuses on 3 subjects:
1. General theoretical aspects of palliative care
2. Practical implementation of palliative-care at the institution
3. Farewell-culture at the institution

This practical guideline reflects the in-house palliative culture and allows to take a critical look at its realization. The document is meant to be a practical tool for staff members to facilitate their wor¬kaday life. It is a „living” document that may grow or shrink with the constant aim of reflecting the palliative culture of the nursing home and its realization.